The Cross-roads of life…


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  1. Well, you and I stand at a crossroads, even if we take different paths our destination is the same. After all the journey is personal but the end is never in doubt, Mr. D. comes for us all sooner or later and that brings us to the end of this journey but starts us on a new and wonderful journey after.

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      1. Natural rule of life. Everything born has to die, and that happens to humankind as well. The most important thing is how we live, I’m no saint but have learned throughout my life, and I’m still learning now. If we treat others badly then we will not find happiness, we have to spread the joy around in order to find that elusive quality. Similarly, the caged bird may sing but not full heartedly. Let the bird out so it can sing for all who want to hear.
        Sorry for the huge reply, but what we do affects us as well as those around us. Keep safe, keep learning and enjoy life xoxo.

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  2. Sometimes the best way to show someone you love them is by letting them go. It hurts but the pain comes to pass.
    Hey, nice to meet you. I just thought I’d stop by and take a look at your blog, it’s great with great content. I’d also like to thank you for your likes and eventual follow, I greatly appreciate it and I hope you will like it and stick around 😊
    Good luck with everything and I wish you all the best 💐❤😊
    Idealize was here 🍻

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