What’s your definition of “perfect” skin?

The Oxford English dictionary describes “perfect” as ‘absolute’, ‘complete’, ‘non-deficient’, ‘matchless’,etc. But, the core question is, whether something as ‘perfect’ exists or not?

Humans have their own standards of perfection. But are these ones the real es perfecto things, or are they flawed ideals? Let’s talk about skin colour, for instance. The perfect skin colour? Yeah, you immediately get the picture of a fair skin colour- spotless, glowing skin, blah blah, blah! Okay, so millions of fairness creams that always portray ‘fair-and-lovely’ girls should never go waste. After all, they give you the perfect looks!

Never in my entire life, have a met an air-hostess of a darker skin tone. They must be “fair” to look perfect.

Next, I have never seen a dark-complexioned baby in a baby products ad. They must look “fair” in order to look innocent and cute! Sounds total bullshit, no? But that’s what we humans have set as the definition of perfect looks…. Which is so not “fair” to begin with.

Just imagine this state of affairs! I mean, what’s just wrong or bad with a darker skin tone, when the same logic isn’t applied to dark chocolates? Why don’t people eat white chocolates? I wonder if they even exist! And why is this that black hair are symbol of youth? 

But, the sad part is not this. The sad part is hatred for black. You may like fairer skin in your own opinion. No, there’s nothing wrong with that, until your love for the fair doesn’t equally translate into hatred for the dark. The funny part is that the dark skinned people, having greater melanin content, are less prone to skin diseases. Yeah you may hate them for that!😉

And what’s up with females having a complex about their complexion! Why can’t you just appreciate the originality, because that accounts for it’s natural beauty. You let your brain go all topsy-turvy for methods of attaining fair looks and applying huge makeup. Why? To impress others? Everyone is beautiful, in their own way… But it is up to you to realize that beauty is more than skin deep. What matters is who you are and not how you are! Application of makeup is not bad, until and unless, it is done by choice, and not under the pressure to meet the standards of perfection.

In fact nothing in the world can be perfect. I guess you’ve already heard that? Start applying it to your lives!

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  1. Black or white or brown or yellow, the skin should be healthy to be attractive. I have seen many beautiful women with dark skin and a lot more ugly women with fair skin. Many women are brain-washed into believing white is beautiful and thereby the beauty industry is making money..

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  2. I agree there is a bias: but things are changing slowly, hopefully? I think we could also make the same arguments for those of us who are ageing… it’s a tragic shame that we miss so much beauty as a consequence!

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  3. Our skin takes in all kinds of information about our environment. It’s the first organ to perceive. We need to take care of our skin. I always wished my skin was darker. I love the color skin that fits in anywhere. You know? Darker. Also I think it is healthier. My skin is fair, and my dermatology bills are high because of always wanting to be in the sun. It’s so bizarre to me that skin color makes such a difference socially. I also hate it that society takes self esteem away from young women. It’s just wrong to think people need to look a certain way. What matters is in the heart.
    Thank you Himanshi, for bringing attention to this and thank you for coming to my site and liking so many of my posts. I really appreciate it, and welcome you to come back.
    Peace and freedom,

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  4. Very important topic yaar… ty for writing! Btw my personal taste is that dark colored skins are more beautiful and attractive than others😍

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  5. Thought provoking post. I had to think that over for a bit. I think society is changing. Advertisement is increasing with babies of various skin tones and beautiful ladies of every skin tone as well as families of color. So yay – it’s getting better. Also I rarely fly but my last flight there was a woman of color as a flight attendant. It’s true history shows us a pattern of people with fair complexions in advertisements to sell products but I’m glad to see it’s changing. Our world is diverse. Diversity should be welcomed, acknowledged and represented. I will say there are also those with fair skin (like me) who think they have to roast themselves in tanning beds to look attractive so sometimes people view darker than their natural tone as better. I agree with what you said about beauty is much more than outward appearance – though I’m very guilty of wearing makeup! peace to you

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    1. No you shouldn’t be guilty of wearing makeup. As I said it in my post also that application of makeup isn’t bad at all, unless you do it by your choice and not under the pressure of looking beautiful!
      And yes our world is diverse. True that!
      Thanks for reading and sharing your feedback☺

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  6. My definition?, The skin I am in. Perfect? only God’s love is perfect. Society/Marketers? They are narrowing their target audiences and people’s acceptance of what they portray as attractive is shifting. It can only get better from the way it has been.

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  7. Clearly everyone would say that a healthy skin is perfect skin but in actual practice most of us see & act differently and this difference in words and action bewilders me.
    I am too of the view that everyone is beautiful in their own ways and we must learn to embrace ourself as who we are and stop pretending to be someone else.
    “To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh
    Thank you for the post Himanshi and starting the debate/discussion.
    Also to add to the debate/discussion you should check out following site
    Thanks once again……….

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      1. Hahaha – it’s probably more interesting to someone who’s less familiar with it. 🙂 I’ve never heard it before so … well, you get the drift.
        My name actually means bright, shining one. If someone were to write a song about us I guess it would be a Song of Fire and Ice, as in A Game of Thrones, which I’ve never seen. You?

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  8. The definition of perfect in my mind…..well, zero.
    Plus it would be quite boring if a person is perfect.
    I would argue that our flaws is what makes us unique as individuals, hopefully not too many flaws….

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      1. You got to take the persons as they come, they might have flaws that you don’t like but, but they may apport to you as a person other good things, so it’s a balance.
        Damn…. I’m gonna make myself a psychiatrist called Charly the Grand Priest, That should be a hit, au au auuuuuuuuuuuu!

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  9. This is a topic that’s been debated for years, regarding dark skin light skin, straight hair versus curly hair etc. and I don’t thank it’s going to change anytime soon.
    There’s a systematic brain washing in the beauty industry and perceived and believed in the world!
    Great post and thanks for stopping by and following my site.

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  10. What a great and insightful post! Skin, our age (in my case :)), hair color, body shape….it’s all so unobtainable to be this “perfect” TV/Advertisement people and I for one don’t WANT to be “like everyone else” but it stinks that all these stereotypes are out there trying to tell US/define what is beauty!! If everyone just looks, you can truly see a person’s soul beauty and that’s a heck of a lot more important!! Great writing!!

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  11. I for one love my own colour which is brown. My husband like me as I am, but it is true in this World there are some discriminations and oftentimes the real colour of your skin helps. Sad but true.

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  12. Skin needs to be healthy, not perfect, not particular color. Most people do not have a perfect skin. Rich people buy it and use all kinds of procedures, these who cannot afford that have to live with what they have.
    I think people pay too much attention to opinions of somebody, everybody and, in fact, nobody. Skin is the largest organ, without skin we are done in time because it has quite a lot of functions. Whatever the color, nobody should decorate or damage skin with chemicals.
    You have a great way of describing some issues and problems.
    I’m writing about life matters and health, etc. in my secondary blog: https://inesepogalifeschool.com/
    I’ve been in clinical research for more than 30 years.

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    1. Thanks for the appraisal!☺
      You’re absolutely right when you say that people pay too much attention to opinions of somebody, everybody, and in fact nobody!
      I’ll sure visit your blog… And it gives me so much pleasure that a research person (probably a dermatologist?) approved of what I wrote!
      Thanks for sharing your feedback ☺


  13. So true. It is saddening that people feel pressured to wear make up or hide their natural looks to try and recreate the current or popular ‘Look’. Individuality is beauty, looking just like everyone else is not the key to getting noticed. Shining from the inside out will do that more effectively than any outward appearances will 🙂

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  14. Yes there exists white chocolate and it is better than black chocolate in my humble opinion but this has nothing to do with complexion complexe.
    I agree with you 💯 if this preference for fair is a personal choice not influenced by others’ than good but otherwise it’s a bad thing.

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  16. growing up i was a dark skin kid and hated my complexion for everyone else was “fairer” than me but as time went by i began embracing my color and developing self love……Everyone should read this post for it is the raw an most honest of truths

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  17. All that color jumbo! Great post I enjoyed reading it. For me, my perfect skin would be acne free, even toned, free from scars, no dry patches, and normal oil production. Oh, how I wish 🙂 I am in adulthood and I am still struggling with acne and there seems to be no cure besides adjusting my diet and intake of water. Perfect skin is healthy skin the color shouldn’t matter – at least that’s what I think 🙂

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  18. I wrote about something like this. It was my first post so I was nervous about it. But seeing that other people care about it too makes me feel so much better. It is unfair that society has been brainwashed into thinking that light skin is necessary to be beautiful. So thanks for caring too, lol. I actually found this instagram page Unfair & Lovely that promotes appreciation of dark skinned Desi’s. Here.

    Would you opposed to looking at my article on this and telling me what you think? I’d be very happy. Thanks for your writing

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  19. Reblogged this on Love Your skin and commented:
    Totally AGREED! really like what you said ‘Everyone is beautiful, in their own way’, and ‘Application of makeup is done by choice, and not under the pressure to meet the standards of perfection’ in your blog. My blog shares the same opinion as yours. It is called Love Your Skin and aims to raise awareness for people living with skin diseases and support them and make them feel no shame of their ‘perfect imperfections’. Really hope to spread this idea out and make it an innovation! You can check my blog out through this link: https://nodermatologicalshame.wordpress.com/ – CCH

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  20. Totally AGREED! really like what you said ‘Everyone is beautiful, in their own way’, and ‘Application of makeup is done by choice, and not under the pressure to meet the standards of perfection’ in your blog. My blog shares the same opinion as yours. It is called Love Your Skin and aims to raise awareness for people living with skin diseases and support them and make them feel no shame of their ‘perfect imperfections’. Really hope to spread this idea out and make it an innovation! You can check my blog out through this link: https://nodermatologicalshame.wordpress.com/ – CCH

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