What do you want to do, before you die?

It’s such a pity that most of us aren’t living our dreams. Is it because we are living our fears? Often a thing seems exciting to you, but you quit the thought even before trying! Why? It involves risk. It may lead to failure. You may become the object of ridicule, right? 

But what if you succeed? The people who you thought would laugh at you, would be the ones who’ll idolize you. 

I always try crazy things, and also the ones which aren’t quite common. That’s because I feel that I am different (in a positive way- don’t think that I’m haughty or proud😊). I have certain tasks to accomplish before I die, because I want to die as the most satisfied person in the world. Yeah maybe there’s little chance that I succeed at it, but what’s the matter with trying? 

These are my top to-do lists :

  1. To go to Paris to get my Christian Dior watch repaired. I even want another one!😀
  2. To visit Bali because it is so damn beautiful!
  3. To made my death gown stitched. I want to die looking smart.😉
  4. Atleast once go and try skydiving. Yeah man you need license for it and maybe I receive a heart attack due to fear, but that’s what I am!
  5. To make everyone smile.☺😊 When someone smiles, it feels so great and positive, but when someone smiles because of you, that’s totally a different feeling!
  6. To never marry and adopt loads of puppies and have all the fun in the world.

So these are the things, that I certainly want to do before I die. Let me know your wishes! Don’t hesitate even if they are the craziest things in the world. 


57 thoughts on “What do you want to do, before you die?

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      1. My wishes are crazy too.
        Firstly I would like to travel the world.
        Then, I would like to publish my book someday although the chances are remote.
        I love adventure sports . I would like to try a few more like sky diving even though I’m afraid of heights.
        And I would love to work for a NGO .

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  1. A great question. I really love #5 on your list because I feel like that’s my calling. There’s no greater accomplishment in life that touching others in a positive way. I think you share that goal as well.

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  2. In spite of my fear of heights, I have sky dived, doing a buddy jump; been up in a hot air balloon; jumped of the side of a mountain doing a buddy handglide (my favorite); repelled off a cliff; climbed a boulder blind folded, being guided from above; and rock climbed, also with instruction called to me, while I was in a harness and using ropes.

    Goals and dreams are great as long as we stay open in the moment to opportunities at hand, offering experiences we’ve never even thought of before 🙂

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  3. I would like to see dragons….. Aint kiddin!!! Spending sone time in places people have never been before, rain forests, deserts…… To the Antarctica…….. Sounds absolutely rubbish?? Doesn’t it??

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  4. Your wish list is very original. Throw the challenge and the truth that is very interesting to make us reflect that we want. For me, to finish my days next to my wife (we have already married 42), to know India thoroughly, especially their religion, to rappel (my wife does not leave me to my 70 years), to have all the works of Rumi In my head.

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      1. Yalal ad-Dim Muhammad Rumi, for me the greatest poet of love. I am attracted to everything concerning eg the Ganges River, the gods surrounding the history, its super spicy food and the majesty of the Taj Mahal.

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  5. jumping off a 9 foot rock into a glacial lake… that was about as HIGH as i needed to be! if you ever globe trot, this is st mary’s glacier just outside of idaho springs colorado fourty five minutes from downtown dnver colorado us. it is a short 1/4 mile hike and a small bit of fun tossing snowballs in summertime. from the picture, it doesn’t look like mucdh but it sure did frighten me when i was stuck minus a bunch of clothethes and glasses so i’d have warm thing to wear after and be able again to see…but it rained sideways so i couldn’t see and was sodden anyways..how rude of nature 😉 (4th picture from the “trailhead” avalance something. middle picture 3 rocks furthest left. big rocks actually. http://www.hikingincolorado.org/stmary.html

    these were last spring and summer’s puppies 11 all alive and lived well into adoption Great Danes. or imagine the 210 liter drum of puppy crap everywhere!, I beg of you to of course aww. but remember this is a murderous undertaking adopting lots of puppies..

    I like watching old films that glorify paris, like casablanca 1942 with humphrey bogart or algeirs 1938 with charles boyer, I too expect to go as I would expect it’s limited options to france without paris in most of my desired places to see. I would be far more interested in food than fancy time pieces or perfumes persay and perhaps wish a tour of a cavaldos production… but i’m sure I can have fun with the idea.


    making smiles. aww, thats kind one of my moments was peach mango ice to the resident of mine at the old folks home, this gent normally cussed the paint off me daily! making him have reason to smile was a joy. something delightful but for someone with sugar control issues allowable? ahhhh!

    bali? I think to other parts indonesia but i suppose i can enjoy coffee in bali just as i could in paris 😉 (bali’s closer to the sources)

    or wow, you read a LOT of my site, thanks for the smile.


    1. Jumping off a rock! Oh you remind me of Bella☺ Hiking must be fun, as I assume!
      Yeah you may be right when you tell me that adopting sooo many puppies can be a murderous undertaking… But they are so cute that I simply can’t help☺
      Personally I won’t go for a Christian Dior perfume, but I love the watches. I even have one and want to get it repaired from there in Paris itself. Call it insanity or whatever😉
      I loved that part of your comment, when you said that you made that guy smile with the icecream. I too immediately smile, when offered one! But yeah, making someone else smile is so worth it.☺😊
      And when I mentioned Bali, I meant the natural beauty out there, just like Phillipines. Paris is another beautiful country on my travel wish list!
      Lastly, yes you do made me smile☺☺☺ Thanks for that!

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