A-Z tag nomination :)

Thank you smile your day ahead for the nomination. Simply ecstatic about it, I felt. Even as a kid, I found it quite hard to compile an essay on the topic- “myself”. But, yes, it was amazing thing to explore yourself under 26 alphabets. So here I go-

  1. Astonishingly awesome
  2. bewildered babbler
  3. catastrophic-at-times
  4. dazzling
  5. exuberant
  6. fearless
  7. good-at-heart
  8. hasty
  9. inquisitive
  10. justice-loving
  11. kaleidoscopic-viewer-of-life
  12. learner
  13. magnificent
  14. nerd-of-sorts
  15. obscure
  16. paranoid
  17. quest-full
  18. rationalist
  19. secretive
  20. thrill-lover
  21. unpredictable
  22. vice-versa-of-usual
  23. writer
  24. not-xenophobic!
  25. youngster
  26. zealous

So, now it’s my turn to nominate the others:





Mr. Mel



18 thoughts on “A-Z tag nomination :)

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  1. What a joy the acceptance of this nomination gives me, especially when I think on the one making the nomination. Young In years but full of wisdom beyond those years. You have the ability to go beyond thinking with mind to feeling with the heart, and the talent to combine both when you write.

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