Beyond the horizon…

My emancipated thoughts are ready to break the fetters of mental perception. They seemed to have secretly conspired with my heart, as the brain turns a deaf ear to them. Perhaps the enigmatic rhythms of the heart have something to say that the brain cannot decipher… Yet, its incapability to do so increases its inquisitiveness. The brain is now enslaved by the heart and is bound to carry all its instructions at an unconscious level.

The thoughts now arise from the heart. Oh! They exactly resemble the bird that has just been freed from the entanglement of its cage. The bird is now set to follow the rhythms and it rejoices at the same. It sails the sky through and through, still following the rhythms. It stops at a certain point, after having realized that the rhythms are not so easy to keep up pace with, because they rush at a  faster pace and are far ahead of it. It turns to its soul for the solution. The soul guides it, telling it that should first free its heart of the dust that has settled upon it, and that the rhythms were impossible to concentrate on, within the confines of the sky… So, it should cross that barrier first. The bird, as guided by its soul does the same. For an instance, the bird is startled by a flash! It is unable to see at first, but slowly acclimatizes to the situation.

The bird is taken away by the picturesque Landscape; it is more beautiful than the previous world. Its heartbeats are at a faster pace and the rhythms are fully comprehensible. They are exactly similar to the bird’s song which it used to imagine, while still in a deep slumber, while still in its cage. Not that it never sang it there. It did, just once… But then it was laughed at. But here, no one would laugh at the song. No one would judge or criticize it. Everyone would simply listen… Yes, the bird was right! The hills listened and even echoed it back, with even more enthusiasm. The flowing water rejoiced at it and even danced in accordance with the tunes. The bird now felt ecstatic! But more satisfied than happy… The satisfaction that it received was sublime, as it realized that it had reached at a place that was “beyond the horizon”…

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