Some times silence can seem so loud…

I felt ecstatic, even as I managed to steal a glance out of the classroom window. Up till now, the sky had been postcard perfect, but it was changing slowly and gradually. The beautiful cocktail blue color was beginning to darken into gravel gray. Large pillows of clouds were forming, blotting out the golden color of the sun. It was hard to concentrate on my school book as the garden outside offered a more picturesque Landscape. The redolence of damp soil seemed to soothe my soul, as the heavy downpour quenched the thirst of the earth.

Soon the school bell rang, much to my anticipation! Everyone rushed out to have fun in the rain. I too got completely drenched. But, my soggy shoes bothered me a less. The locks of my hair refused to move, until relocated to the back of my ear.

I jumped, even as my pair of eyes chuckled, until they met his… Mine were completely embarrassed by now. I moved away, trying hard, not to turn back. Seconds of battle between my heart and my mind, and my mind gave in. I turned around shyly. But oh! He had vanished by now. My eyes searched for him everywhere, but in vain. 

Suddenly, the school bus beeped it’s horn. Oh no! More panic! These pair of eyes searched not for it’s bag, but him. 

What if he missed the bus? Will he able to make it to his home? 

The horn beeped again.

Even while in my seat, my pair of eyes searched for him. The bus started to move. As it gained speed, my pair of eyes, still fixed outside the window, wished for him to turn up from anywhere! Anyhow! My head hung low in disappointment. Damn it! As I glanced backwards, I couldn’t spot him. But then, diagonal to me, approximately five steps away, I saw another pair of eyes, staring at me… Wildly! 

It was Him! Relief.

I smiled, so did he. His cheeks were reddish. Suddenly, he lip~synced “I LOVE YOU.” Not on knees, not with flowers and no showing off either. Just, silently.

My cheeks turned beetroot red. Thirty four heartbeats I must have skipped for sure. It felt so unreal, unbelievable… As if in a dream. He loves ME? What? No. Impossible! A thousand thoughts raced through my mind as my pair of eyes stared blankly at him. His nervousness was visible in the way he fidgeted, adjusted his bag, peeped outside the window, wiped his face, (probably wet with sweat). But, those expectant pair of eyes accidentally paused at mine. Mine were still confused. I hit my hand against my bottle. Ouch! It hurt… So, this was real!

He raised his eyebrow, as if questioning me. His eyes were full of fear. Probably, the fear of rejection. Silly, I thought… How could someone reject him?

His pair of eyes lip~read from mine~ “really?” He nodded in approval. I smiled. My eyes turning somewhat wet… “I LOVE YOU TOO”, I lip~synced. His face lit up like the 4th of July. He didn’t jump. He didn’t stir. He silently rested his head on the back of his seat. Silently. As in relief. Not to mention those pair of eyes, still locked with mine.

We were speechless! We were in love! Just silently… 

Sometimes silence can seem so loud…

It was the best conversation I’ve ever had.




46 thoughts on “Some times silence can seem so loud…

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    1. It is the day when America got united and in order to celebrate, they did it with crackers and all!
      In a way it refers to a brightly lit up face.
      And no I’m not writing any series. It’s just my personal thoughts. Thanks for reading and asking something you didn’t know.

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  1. This is so sweet 🙂 And aah! I remember the days of silent talk. Now with a son at home, I really wish for silence again 😉

    Thanks for following me and ooooh so many likes. The notification lit up along with my face as Diwali 😉 You have very wonderful talent to express.

    Liked by 1 person

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