What girls have to say on the topic “eve teasing~who is responsible?”

Recently I participated in a debate on the topic “eve teasing~who is responsible?” It was an all girls debate so I thought that it was an unfair topic as boys should have been there. But then I was dazed with what girls had to say about eve teasing. 

99% of the girls said that it was the outfit of the girls that was responsible. I was so dazed that for a second nothing but 3 big question marks came floating in my mind. Baby, it’s my body. Evening I walk naked,no one has the right to do whatever they want to with it. The explanation they gave was also quite amazing! That short outfits “excite” men. One of the girls even went on to say that girls from respectable families do not wear such clothes! Darling, are you trying to say that Aishwarya Rai Bacchan is not from a respectable family? And in the first place if the background was to be considered,  then why not of the ‘eve teaser’? 

7% of the girls said that girls shouldn’t be out late night. Oh, yeah! Thanks for reminding that we don’t live in a world that is safe enough!

3% of the girls said that they won’t even open their mouth on the issue. Imagine if you are not audacious enough to express your views on the topic, then how are you going to defend your self when if someday you’re gonna be eve~teased? 

One of the incidents that left me shell~shocked was the attitude of a woman in a metro who was busy accusing and shooing out a man, probably 80+ of age out of all woman compartment! She didn’t even consider the age of the man! The man on his part seemed harmless and his wife, who was sitting next to him told that she was taking him to a hospital.

What is happening to the females out there? Okay I accept that we are beautiful in our own way but what about how we percieve things? There’s one part of society that considers that men can do anything as long as they feel ‘excited’. On the other hand I see a woman accusing an old man, who doesn’t even have the strength to stand, let alone eve~teasing women. Why can’t you place yourself at par with men and not above or below them ? 

The debate that I had expected was something entirely different. Like it is solely the background of the ‘eve~teaser’ because he can’t get excited if he sees his sister in a red hot middy. So that concept is totally bullshit. Secondly, it is the ‘attitude’ of the women because studies indicate that 90% of the victims were the ones who were afraid of defending themselves. Also the political condition of the country, it’s laws against “eve~teasing”, etc that are responsible.

Let me know your views about this.


17 thoughts on “What girls have to say on the topic “eve teasing~who is responsible?”

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  1. I don’t think that girls are responsible for eve teasing and all.. If a short piece of clothing excites a guy then all guys should also not wear shorts.. Also the actresses they idolize also wear these kind of dresses but no one points a finger on them.. Why?? Just because they are famous and powerful, no one can even touch them without there will… Nice post.. But sad to read that even girls think that they are responsible for these bad events….

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  2. I believe that both women and men do have an equal share in it. I think that to debate upon it is rather finding a way to blame. However I don’t think that it happens just because you wear a certain kind of dress 🙂


  3. Very nice post.
    But it is very bad that Even girls also think like that.
    The thinking becomes narrow and scary.
    People should change their mind.
    If boys can wear shorts then why don’t girl’s????
    When a girl is walking in late night she should be given safety and respect.
    Very nice post.
    Keep Blogging
    Nd try to make girls positive and strong.
    God bless you

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  4. My starting point is from the line of yours, “if the background was to be considered, then why not of the eve-teaser?” Yes. Decent men from respectable families do not find any pleasure in teasing a woman. It is the half-wits, who want to repeat whatever the hero does on the screen indulge in such activities.

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  5. Hi Himanshi, Thank you for the follow, I’m happy to follow you in return as I very much like the refreshing mix of topics you are looking at.

    About this post’s subject – I watched a video experiment thru facebook recently which I found shocking. A pretty girl with long hair walked the streets of Manhatten, New York, wearing tight fitting jeans, a white vest T-shirt and small fitted bolero thing. She got so many unwanted comments from men, like they assumed she wanted the attention, hello babe, where you’re going, wow babe, and all that, and finally she was being basically harassed, and not being left to walk alone by a group of men trying to hit on her. The person filming had to intervene.

    Then she repeated the same walking thru Manhatten wearing a full hijab, with body covered, but not her face. She became invisible to the men. So men obviously respond to the visual, as we know, but more to the point feel the girl must be dressing like that to invite their comments.

    Well, I do feel women should wear what they want, but take certain facts of life on board too, and yes, we have to be assertive and say no. I’ve never had a problem with saying no in this context, but that seems to be rare!

    Lovely post!

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  6. Its heartbreaking when you hear your own gender demean themselves, I do not get their mindset, but I would hope that they change it and I think your post is quite an awakening one!
    What a women wears has nothing to do with the outcome of how a man will react, infact it’s all in their mentality and way of seeing women as mere objects to be played and controlled with. If women support such a mentally then I fear for the future.

    – Kathy

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