How much do you love yourself?

How much do you love yourself?

I love chocolates! I love ice-creams! I love to party! I love that dress! I love that dish! I love my boyfriend/girlfriend. I love my puppy! I love this… I love that…. This is my favorite… That is my favorite… But how many of you actually have the guts to stand in front of a mirror and say that you love yourself? Forget about saying… How many of you actually love yourself?

Self-love… Is it difficult? Hard? Why so? Oh! Many of you would be guilty of your past deeds. You were compelled by certain circumstances… and what you did wasn’t feasible. It wasn’t acceptable. So now you hate yourself for being such a maniac; because you might have gotten it right. Right? But that’s just not how things work. Believe it or not, it couldn’t have been any better than it did. Because, it is written… If your intentions were right, you are not at the wrong path. Or even if the intentions were wrong then, and you have got a hell load of guilt at your heart, still you are not at the wrong path. Everyone human makes mistakes; every human learns. Because there isn’t just black or white, there’s a lot of grey.

If you might have heard about forgiveness, I won’t put in efforts to knit that virtue into words, because, it is something that must be felt through the heart. If you can forgive others for what they did to you, why can’t you forgive yourself? And, if you say that you love your boyfriend, but you hate yourself, then please try to be more true to yourself. If you cannot love yourself, then you cannot love anyone else also. The vice versa is also true. If you cannot love yourself, then, no one, absolutely no one in the world can. No matter what they say!

So for now, take out some time from your ‘there’s no time to stand and stare’ life, for no one but yourself. Throw up an extra nice shirt. Put up an extra shade of vibrant gloss. Put up nice footwear. Put up a real smile (the most important thing!), and go on a date with yourself. Coming back home, confront you in front of a mirror. Smile and tell the person at the other end of the mirror with confidence- “I love you”.


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  1. Very true.
    Behind each person, who can truly say they love themselves, in a balanced way. Not arrogantly, not egotistically, but in a humbly confident way. Those with such a foundation will not struggle at loving ourself, as those without that foundation will.
    Certainly can be attained, no question, without that foundation and the reminder is important to all of us who lack loving ourself. It will change your life, if your able to know the value of your life, to know that you too have gifts to offer the world, and that you too deserve to have rewards for your efforts. If one does not understand the value of oneself, one will struggle time and time again at receiving value in return. From all points in life. Jobs, relationships, friends, and all that one pursues.
    Change how you see yourself, change how you measure the value of your life, and you will change your life.
    Such an important writing you presented. To all of us (especially women in a man’s world) who all too often suffer at understanding our worth and value in this overly competitive and noisy world. 🙂

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  2. Reblogged this on TheCagedBirdSings and commented:

    This is a post which I wrote sometime back, when quite frankly, my blog didn’t have as many followers. But, interestingly, many of the bloggers gave quite positive feedbacks about it. I want each person to read this, because it is focused on how to recognize your own self worth. It will be helpful for you. Do not forget to share your feedbacks!☺😊


  3. Rightly said, If you can’t love yourself then you can’t love others. Even Bible says that. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post. And ya! I love myself.

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      1. Yes but that doesn’t necessarily translate into loving yourself. Anyways, this discussion could go on and on… But there’s this thing according to me that while you accept a person, you must accept him/her with both good and bad qualities!


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