Go ahead and quit,

If you can’t see it through,

But don’t come crying to me,

When quitting is all you do.

Those who start to see quitting,

As a way to get out of stuff.

They never stick things through,

And can’t compete a thing,

Is this the type of person,

You see yourself being?


Quitters never win,

No matter what you’ve heard,

Have you ever seen a quitter,

That is picked to be referred?

Of course that would be silly,

Why would someone refer?

Someone who can’t even accomplish,

They are their own saboteurs.

Next time you want to quit,

Think who you want to be.

Quitters never win,

I want more than this for thee.

I want to see success,

Surround you every day.

I want you to be happy,

And want to scream hurray!

I want you in a job,

That makes your world so good.

I want the work you do,

Feel just like childhood.

But the most of all I want,

To see you see things through

But not because you should,

But you really want to.

And I realize you may be scared,

That you can’t see it through

But, I’m here to tell you, you can,

Do anything you put your mind to.



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