I don’t need any special day, occasion or words to describe the strength of our bond. The reality is that it cannot be described in any words.

The day I was born, I brought up a wide smile on your face. Others were unhappy because I wasn’t a boy, but you decided to distribute sweets and celebrate the day like the 4th of July. Dad, you loved me when I was born.

I remember my mundan ceremony, when they had mercilessly chopped off my hair. Everyone tried to console me and make me smile, but in vain. I remember you had taken out your sunglasses and made me wear them. That had made me chuckle instantly. Only you would know how to tackle my tantrums. Dad, you loved me when I was three.

I remember when you had bought me a new bicycle and how I would wake you every morning at 5 a.m. to teach me to ride it. Although you would be too sleepy to move, you never complained that you were tired. Dad, you loved me when I was five.

I remember my first day at school when I’d wailed so hard that they had to send me back home along with an attendant. You could’ve pampered me but you sent me back to school for you knew what was right for me. Dad, you always showed me the right path.

I remember the first time I had ditched you for a boy. You were so shaken that you didn’t say a word. But when I apologised, you readily forgave me. Dad, you loved me even when I deserved a slap.

I remember asking you money all the time, and how you never refused even when your wallet was empty. Dad, you loved me even in the hardest family times. You are the richest man in the world.

I remember the first time I’d won a prize and someone had said that I had made you proud just like a son would. You corrected him that I had made you proud just like a daughter would. Just then dad, you had won my heart a millionth time.

Sometimes, all I want in the world is to transform back into a two year old baby and rest comfortably in your lap. That’s the best abode a daughter can have! There’s so much more that I want to put up, in here, but at this point of time, words have betrayed me. Just that you are the best father a daughter can ever ask for!


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