Lack of endurance- a major reason for teenage suicides?

Each day one hears the news of a teenager hanging or shooting him/her self to death. The major question here is that is it “the lack of endurance” that actuates the desire of self-destruction? Before proceeding, I would like the readers to not judge any one person’s perspective but to ‘think squarely’ about this matter.

The one person who dies, suddenly gains sympathy from everyone.  While reading such news, one obvious conclusion people draw is that the parents must have been harsh on the child. They must have forced the child under cut-throat competition, forcing him/her to top the exams. Or they might have been very strict. Or they must have compared the child to other children.

This is to the child, who shot him/her self down to death and ended a beautiful life ahead. If someone challenges you for a 100 m race, and you lose, or you see it likely that you’ll lose, do you find it logical or rational to jump into a well if you are defeated. The challenger might have a better agility than you. And if you start comparing yourself to someone, then you are insulting yourself- Bill Gates once said.

The second most obvious ‘fact’ (and not thought) which people generally presume is- there must be a girlfriend or boyfriend involved. The poor guy must’ve been cheated upon, or abandoned, by the person, whom he was promised ‘forever-and-always’.  Worse still, if it is girl-teen, then she must have been pregnant or raped.

This is to the teenager who didn’t think twice before tying a fatal knot around his/her neck and ending one hell of a glorious future so foolishly and abruptly. This is a world full of worldly bastards. Not all people you meet would be faithful or loyal to you; and, if humans won’t betray you, then neither would god…God has enough to do without. There is none such thing as ‘forever’ except ‘change’. Your ultimate motto should be ‘screw the people who screw my life’. Sometimes, being tit-for-tat helps! Also, if you were quite pure-hearted and selfless and were hurt very badly, so darling, it’s not you who is worthy of dying, but the person who cheated upon you.

The most important and the root of all possible reasons and explanations which trigger the suicidal tendencies of a teen is, A LOW SELF ESTEEM! Quite true that there are a lot of exigencies a teen has to handle- hormonal disturbances, love matters, study issues or stubbornness to prove one’s metal to others. The failure to do so may lead to a low self image. Maybe, the defoliation is of such intensity that is engulfs the teen as a whole and pushes him/her into depression. If it is a case of nuclear families, where both parents are working and they do not spend enough time with the child, he/she is bound to have drifted to a feeling of alienation. The apathy may cost his/her life. Dear parents/teachers, a teenager is the most vulnerable of all species. The most susceptible, sensitive, and tempting of all… in such a case, if he/she finds a bad company, it may influence him/her to unforeseen levels of self-destruction. Therefore, the teen needs a great deal of understanding and moral support. Let him/her choose his/her own career path. Motivate and council the child. Tell him/her that you have tons of love stored in your heart. Maybe, that’s the key which would force the teen to think twice before knocking himself to death.

And again to the hopeless teen… why do you have to be bothered about what people have to say about you? Why do you bother so much if you failed just once, twice or thrice…? You were not the first person. The world knows of people who’ve fallen seven times and got up eight times. Accept failure as another milestone towards success. Those who’ve ultimately succeeded in life were not all super talented, extraordinary, stardust material made people. They too were ordinary people with extraordinary strength of endurance.

When someone throws a stone at you, you always have 3 options. First is to throw it back where it came from. Cons of it maybe that next time you may be re-returned a bigger sized stone, which would overtake you. Second one maybe to keep stone all by yourself and sink into the grief of helplessness and hopelessness. Nah! That’s just not you! The third one is actually the key. Keep collecting all such stones. Build a huge wall out of it. Beyond the zenith… make it your abode. No more stones would ever bother you again. Yeah…you probably get the picture!


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