If first love is hard to forget, then why do people forget their parents?

First love… True love… Magical love… Dang! Bullshit!

These days, people simply make promises, rather than to hold on to them. And, guess what? Promises are meant to be broken, after all. I am ‘COMMITTED’ to you… I am in a ‘RELATIONSHIP’… I will be there for you ‘FOREVER’… I need some more ‘SPACE’… It is getting more and more ‘COMPLICATED’… I can’t hold on anymore…I feel like ‘BREAKING-UP’.

Sounds familiar? Yeah…Pretty close. Not that there aren’t people who are not fake. But they are rare, and that’s sad. Often they must be paying the price by being mistaken for. Or if there are still others, they must be cheated, and so turn on for revenge. Majority of people break hearts, as if it were some oblivious rose, which would soon be forgotten. Little do they know that it is just the outlook of the rose, that they could crush, and that definitely does not deter its fragrance. The rose will still be fragrant, its parent-plants would still embrace it, if there were any turning back. But, there is no way the rose can be grafted back to its parent plant again. Oh, an easy way out could be to stick it with a cello-tape! But, the essence of its existence would be lost. Completely. Once and for all.”Friendship is like a china cup. Rich, lovely and fair. Once broken, can be mended, but a crack is always there.”  The parent plant would certainly not be able to trust it back with the same intensity. Of course, you would know, that there has to be ‘an eye for an eye’ in this world. Similarly, there would be betrayal for betrayal. For there is no one, nor can be anyone, who would love the rose more than its parent plants. But for returning back after betrayal, the thorns must bother it this time.



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