Do you remember back, when we were little kids,

Laughing, as our hair flew wildly in the wind?

Playing all day long, talking through the night…

Those were the times, when everything was right!


Do you remember back, when you were my best friend?

We promised, we’d be there for the other until the very end…

People always used to say that they never saw us apart,

Did you know, you had a very special place in my heart?


Do you remember, when our bond began to break?

Fights became frequent, and our hearts started to ache…

Suddenly, our forever friendship, came to an abrupt end

And we realized, it was something we couldn’t mend.


We’ve grown older and realize that things often change…

They don’t need to end, but cannot remain the same.

Still, in the back of my mind, this question won’t end,

Do you remember, or ever think about…

When We Were Best Friends?



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