It was in my dream when I first saw you

Dreams were many, but that was new

Your smile seemed familiar to me

But it was hard to remember

And the eyes were so deep

That I could stare forever

You came towards me, with a silent smile

Kissed my eyes and hugged me for a while

That moment was so magical,

Which I can’t express

But my heart beats revealed

That you were my princess!

My eyes were closed, still I could feel the touch

Heart beats collapsed, but it didn’t bother much…

And then I saw your tears,

Rolling down your cheek

Because it was time for you to leave…

I tried to stop you, and you promised to come soon…

A drop of tear remained in my hand,

And you left towards the moon

All of a sudden, I came out of my dream,

Opened my eyes to see, the reality I’m in

The dream was eternal

When my eyes were closed

But my eyes can’t find the face I wanted to see the most!

Helpless was me, with a hope to see you again

And my eyes still searching, to see the smile in real

But I’ll wait till the end…

Not for the stars, which have not fallen

Neither for the sun,

Which didn’t rise yet

But for the promise you’ve made

So it’s time to move now

Cause I must face the responsibilities

But I’ll meet you somewhere

As I carry strong belief in my mind

And then, I’ll wipe those tears, which you left behind

God might not change his rules, to change my dream into real

But I would not worry, because my dream is eternal

One day I’ll be tired, after fulfilling all my duties…

But I’ll be happy enough!

As I would be done with my responsibilities

So, I would close my eyes again

With no worries and fear for pain…

As it would be the time, to be with you forever…

Because this time, I would not open my eyes, ever…













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