When it comes to choosing a gift for a loved one, most of us are left dumbfounded. We seek suggestions from everyone, but each time do not find it convincing enough. The present conveys emotions, so we should always be careful choosing the type of gift. What better than a bunch of roses? They are suitable for almost all occasions and age types. But, hold on! Do you know that different rose colours convey different emotions? Let’s explore it out!

The red rose: The most classic one, this. Also called as the Lover’s Rose. It signifies love, passion, energy, endearing romance, undying and unfading love, qualities that are hard to find in this world. But if you are the lucky one, go on for gifting a red rose to a loved one.img

The pink rose: This colour type can be presented as a token of gratitude or appreciation. It signifies elegance and grace and adds to the charm of the occasion. The best part is, they can be gifted to almost anyone, be it parents, siblings, best friends, and even to teachers.rose

The peach rose: The peach rose is used to express how much you’ve missed a person over a period of time…Sweet, right? It signifies modesty, innocence and purity. It can also charm the occasion by being used as a decorative flower in social gatherings.


The yellow rose: This one is the ideal rose for friendship. It signifies positivity, happiness, warmth, gladness, affection.yellow-rose

The white rose: The wedding rose, this. It symbolises trust, peace, honesty and loyalty. They are also believed to be soothing and pacifying soul, for which reason they are commonly used while paying homage to the departed soul.


The orange rose: Looking forward to someone’s admiration, when you yourself are admiring them day and night? Orange rose is what should settle the matter. It should be gifted when you are aiming for captivating someone’s heart. This makes it the ideal flower for new

The purple/lilac/lavender rose: It symbolises royalty or majestic glory. If you are to attend someone’s 25th or 50th wedding anniversary, a bunch of purple roses should satisfy the occasion. purple-rose

The black rose: The enigma of black rose leaves you aghast. Even though they are artificially manufactured and are hard and costly to find, most people admire their grace. But, they signify a negative omen such as a death or farewell, so they should be avoided as a present, as far as

Multi-coloured: While on a cheerful occasion, when you are confused both about the gift and the emotion, this one is the easiest choice. You could go for a bunch of multi-colouredroses.multi-coloured-roses


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  1. What a lovely post! Called by to leave my thanks for your recent decision to follow Learning from Dogs. Thank you! If you ever fancy sharing your ideas as a guest post over on LfD then I know my readers would appreciate your ideas and feelings.

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  2. I enjoyed your post. I’ve always been fascinated by flowers and their meanings. Another thing I’ve heard about roses as gifts is that if rosebuds fail to open, the gift is insincere, so if a girl gets red roses from a prospective suitor and they don’t open, she should beware. Tradition says his love is untrue.

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  3. I love roses of all colours, have many shrubs growing in my garden. There are some very interesting traditions when it comes to roses and colour of course, is a whole different story ! thank you so much for the follow of my blog 🙂 I wish you well

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